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Little Layla is 6 months old and has such a personality!  We had to work hard to get any smiles, but in the end it was hard to choose which ones to blog!  Who knew Mom had to just dance like a fool behind me and we’d get all kinds of giggles? 🙂 And this […]

Kendra and I got the pleasure of photographing this beautiful, fun, !engaged! couple a few days ago!  More coming soon…     -Angie

Can’t hardly wait to show you these! -Kendra

the Dream Girls


Here are a few more samples of my pageant headshot session: Good luck ladies! It was a crazy photography weekend so check back this week for lots of fun adorable pictures! -Kendra

This little girl and her mom are entering the Dream Girls pageant in March and came over this weekend for some headshots.  Here’s a preview of the gorgeous Nicole – more coming soon! -Kendra

Here are some more of the adorable Carter.  LOVE his blue eyes, LOVE his adorable smile, LOVE this family! -Kendra

Here’s a sneak peak of one of my favorite little boys! Don’t you love his tie?!   More of the adorable Carter coming soon! -Kendra



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