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Finishing these pictures up and this one caught me eye.  I love how happy she is. 🙂

Hope your weekend was as wonderful as mine!


I have loved getting to hang out with all these 2010 wedding couples for their engagement sessions over the past couple of weeks.  It’s so great to have a chance to get to know each other a little before we spend their whole big day together!  Here’s a sample from each session I am in the process of editing:

Check back for more!


This little man was 3 months old for this shoot, and I could not get enough of his rolly-polly little arms and big dark eyes.  He even shocked his mom and I by sleeping through the last half of his session!

After our shoot, we got to have a McDonald’s playdate with Hadley’s friend (and Cooper’s big brother) Will!  Thanks V family. 🙂


Annie & Jeremy


These two are getting married at the end of July and I am really excited that I will be there to capture their special day!  Plus, they’re Sioux fans…can’t get much better than that!  


They were constantly laughing and smiling with each other…love it!

Let the busy wedding season begin!


Wedding season is fully underway and I am desperately trying to sort through a gazillion pictures!  So as images upload from Jenna and Toby’s gorgeous Saturday wedding, I thought I’d share a preview of the other beautiful brides I’ve gotten to hang out with over the past few weekends:

LOTS more coming soon 🙂


I am proud to introduce the work of the wonderful Shannon Dahl!  She’s one of our lovely assistants helping us out with some two-photographer weddings this summer.  I had a great time with her photographing Billy & Breanne’s wedding in March.  (Warning: this post is crazy-long!)

Getting ready for the big day –

I told Mom and Bride to have a look at each other and they both just teared up. 🙂

The church and all the details were gorgeous:

Billy and Breanne didn’t see each other before the ceremony, so their “first look” happened down the aisle!  I love this moment Shannon captured while Breanne is waiting to walk down the aisle with her grandfather and brother –

Billy waiting anxiously –

Billy & Breanne wrote their own vows.  I even cried…they were so sweet.

The wedding party was great, all the way down to the adorable flower girl and ringbearer:

And I don’t usually love family photos, but I thought these of Breanne with her grandfather were too sweet to pass up:

The night concluded with a gorgeous reception:

Do you SEE Shannon’s awesome shots??

I’ll end with the pictures of the bride & groom – the very happy Mr. & Mrs. H!

CONGRATULATIONS!!  Thanks for letting us share in your day!

-Kendra & Shannon

Kendra and I got to spend the day with this beaming couple not to long ago!  

Waiting for his beautiful bride…

LOVE this.

I love when I tell people to have fun and this is the result:

Hey Sioux Sioux! 


Father of the Bride speech…priceless.

Check back soon for more pictures of Laura and Kevin!


3 month preview


Can’t get over those rolly polly arms.

More soon!


Warning: long, long blog!  Andy and Michelle have been waiting patiently for a preview of their wedding…so I finally got a break from school work before finals next week and I am glad I did!!  The pictures really brought me back to what a wonderful time we all had together in Mexico!  While their beach wedding did get rained out…(rain IS good luck on your wedding day by the way) they didn’t care.  All that mattered was that they were surrounded by family and friends, on vacation in Mexico!  It really is a tribute to how special two people are when they have 36, yes 36! people take time out of their schedules to come witness their beautiful destination wedding.  Ok enough talk, on to the good stuff…

Both Michelle and Andy’s moms are ridiculously crafty…her garter, handkerchief, and purse were all hand made! 

And we’re off to the wedding…

fingerprints on paper=officially married!!


Typical brother/sister interaction 🙂

and normal 🙂

Can you say FUN wedding party?!?

LOVE this.

I don’t remember what was so funny…but this picture caught my eye right away, I love their expressions!

The following is a tribute to Michelle’s dad…I can still hear the “Lobby to Lobby” song he sang each time we boarded the bus 🙂

I even got to jump in for a picture…we’re not crazy, just the Buffalo Wild Wings crew! 

Ok, so maybe we are a little crazy…

Congratulations to two wonderful friends!!  Love you both!